I run a mature themed/ dark world game with a strong emphasis of mortals vs outworlders (somewhat like a medieval witch/demon hunter theme like the movie underworld and/or constantine.)

We play using 3.5 rules and I’d love to have one or two new players. I’ve got a lot of experience DMing and try to keep my players challenged, terrified and at the edge of their seats.

We have a strong story aspect to our game as well as sufficient combat to keep most players interested.

I’m an experience DM from 1st and 2nd editions. Other DM’s are available, running another 3.5 as well as 4.0 campaign. contact me at cybermedicsdesk@live.com for details.

Trouble at Durbenford is a campaign loosely based on the module of the same name. Our group currently consists of characters from 8th to 10th level. New Players are welcome, and experience is not necessary.

The group currently consists of a 10th level rogue, 9th level fighter, 9th level sorcerer, and 8th level fighter.

We recommend using Redblade 3.5 to track your PC.

Trouble at Durbenford