Mother Tara

Matriarch of The Temple of the Broken Sword.


Mother Tara, the well-meaning High Priestess of the Temple of the Broken Sword enlists the aid of your party in locating the Sword of Orcus.

In return for your aid she has promised give your company information which will lead to to wealth and fame, as well as the gratitude of all sentient races of Durbenford. You are the Heroes of Durbenford!, she proclaims as she and the other priest finish the ceremony binding you to your quest to retrieve the sword for the temple either in this life or the next.

You’re not entirely sure what that means, but you take the oath anyway, confident that you will be successful.


Mother Tara is the Matriarch of the Temploe of Boccob, known as the uncaring god. While many followers of the Temple may not care to meddle in the affairs of regular men, the resurfacing of the Sword of Orcus threatens to bring the full might of an army of Giants upon the Durbenford.

She chooses to take a proactive approach and enlists your aid.

Mother Tara

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