The Fat Man

Ancient ruler of Durbenford's underworld


The Fat man is not really fat! As the ruler or Durbenford’s underworld, he is difficult to meet, let alone identify. However, Talon, the groups rogue who’s fame and skill precede him, catches the Fat Man’s eye.

The underboss of Durbenford introduces himself to you, Talon, flanked by two huge Ogre warriors at either side while you patrol the beggar’s quarter in search of clues as to the identity and nature of the defiler who committed the crimes that Tobias stands accused of. The eloquent underworld boss collects from you a membership fee of 1000 gold, and in return you join his guild.

Where you once were just one with only a pair of eyes and ears, you now are as if many with eyes and ears in every corner of the city…


Had you refused to join his guild you are sure they would have broken your legs and hands, making it all but impossible for you to practice your profession. However, the Guild master takes great pleasure in knowing you agreed with him in that it was absolutely essential you join his guild.

Other than the fact that he is the traditional leader of Durbenford’s main criminal syndicate, you really know little about him. He does make it known to you that he perceives The Grey Rook guild, hostile outsiders and low life dope dealers, and would have your aid in defeating them before the two guild are at open war with each other.

The Fat Man

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