Trouble at Durbenford

The Adventure Begins
The search for Tobias leads the heroes to Durbenford

In our last game, your group consisting of Talon the Inquisitive, Dole the Courageous and The Mysterious Wizard entered the town of Durbenford looking for their missing comrade, Brother Tobias who fled the Moonwood Tower ( your base of operations ) with the mysterious mace you recovered in your prior adventures.   You visit the local temple to Boccob and learn that Brother Tobias had indeed been there looking to use their libraries in an attempt to either destroy the key to the nanoc which encases Orcus’ sword or perhaps find and destroy the sword itself.  Knowing Tobias, you guess he will try to find the sword and destroy it, however should the artifact he’s carrying take over his personality…there’s no telling where that will lead…possibly to disaster and even to the appearance of the deomon god Orcus in this very plane!   Of great concern are reports that Brother Tobias and the mace he carries are in a constant struggle of wills in which the wicked artifact controls him occasionally.

The town of Durbenford is located just south of the Nether Mountains.  Upon entering the town you notice infrequent guard patrols, rampant drugs and prostitution, all of which suggest strong underworld organizations to you.  The streets in the poor quarter are flooded with hidgne (pronounced hig-dih-nay), a powerful drug that gives people the ability to work or experience pleasure for exceedingly long hours at the cost of their willpower and physical beauty which decay over time.


“When hunting monsters, make sure you do not become a monster…” Mother Tara, Matriarch of The Temple of the Broken Sword.

 ===================================== About Boccob:

The Matriarch of the temple, Mother Tara, has your spirits bound and you are compelled to complete the quest of recovering the key to the nanoc from Brother Tobias and return the Sword of Orcus to the Temple of the Shattered Sword, dedicated to the minor deity Boccob, a god of magic who has developed a significant following in Durbenford.  You will complete this quest either dead or alive, even if it takes you eternity to do so...according to Mother Tara.

Boccob is usually portrayed as a middle aged man with white hair who wears purple robes. He is known to carry the very first staff of the magi with him at all times. In addition, he knows every spell ever created and can travel to any time and dimension. He is the possessor of the only magical library that contains a copy of every potion, spell, and magic item in existence.   Upon occasion, you will receive information and assistance from members of the Temple who will help you on your quest. As part of the deal, they assure you that they will point you to locations where you will find fame, power and become wealthy men.   On your third day in Durbenford, you commence your search for Brother Tobias and get to meet Yieria Moonblade a bard who plays at the Ox and Hammer.  She is playing on the street, in front of Master Gren’s place and upon spending some time getting to know her you learn that Brother Tobias met her and was last seen in search of The Fat Man, a criminal mastermind responsible for extortion, gambling and prostitution in Durbenford.

Shortly upon entering the poor quarter, Talon spots a goblin surveying your party, which enters an abandoned two story house and your group followed in.

You were ambushed by:

6 Bugbear Warriors Mysterious Wizard set the house on fire with a mighty fireball you discovered a trapped door leading to the cellar you discover 4 kilos of higdne and make your escape from the burning building through a hole in the floor descending to the sewer system below the city. Something big and slimy is quickly moving about in the depths below you as you descend. Your party descends 50’ into into a narrow corridor connecting two of the sewer canals.

Experience: BASED 9TH LEVEL

Creative Role play bonus: Talon +350xp; Dole +350xp; Wizard + 100xp 6 Bugbears: +900 xp each player Talon: successful spot of Goblin NPC accelerates progress of your search: +400 xp


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